My weight loss!

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Glad to be Alive

Having undergone surgery in February that nearly killed me, I am now appreciating all the small things that I was taking for granted. Being with family and friends being the most important! I had let work take over and didn't leave much time for anything else! I hadn't crafted for over a year! I even resorted to buying cards! 
When I woke up from my operation having spent nearly 3 weeks in intensive care my muscles had wasted and I couldn't even hold a cup of water!!!! I was amazed how quickly my body had gone to mush, it has been really hard work but 6 months down the line I am finally getting back on track. I can walk to the shops with my crutches, get on a bus, get up and down stairs thank goodness! The poor ambulance men who used to have to carry me up and down stairs to get to my hospital appointments! The first day I could open the front door to them was amazing!
Having been forced to take time out now i am on the road to recovery I realise how much I was missing out on.
I am still not fit to go back to my job yet but I hope it won't be too long. The plus side is I get to spend lots of time with my family and friends. It has been wonderful having time to enjoy my amazing grandson Braeden. Mum, sister and brother were a big help. Especially as my two girls were having to cope by themselves for the first time and having to worry about me in hospital and the visiting up and down for 3 months must have put a lot of pressure on them! They were brilliant and I am very thankful for such great family and friends and their support. 
Me in hospital

First trip outside, Zoe pushed me round the hospital grounds in a wheelchair.

Howdy pardner!

Home at last! Mum and me

My gorgeous grandson!

Saturday, 28 January 2012

I'm going to be a Grandma!

Exciting news my older daughter Gemma is going to have a baby! I am going to be a Grandma, nana, nanny, granny etc. not sure what I want to be called yet! any more ideas?
baby is due 1st July will keep you posted!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Been off the internet for so long now! lost touch with all my internet buddies across the world and have really missed them! Can't believe it has been so long since I last blogged! I hope that this year will be a better one!

Sending my best wishes for a wonderful 2012 to all my old friends!

take care!

Monday, 27 December 2010

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

To all my friends in blogland I have missed you all so much! My internet is not working at home and now I am working full time and still doing brownies, guides and club etc. I have not had time to keep up with my blog or any crafting! :( I hope to get my computer sorted out in the new year so hope to be back soon.
I am staying with my mum for christmas at the mo and just wanted to say Hi!
Best wishes to you all for a Healthy and Happy 2011!
Take care,

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Happy Feet!

The inspiration for this month's challenge over at From Screen 2 Scrap comes from the movie poster ...

Added Criteria for a maximum of 6 points

1. A penguin on the page somewhere = 1pt

2. Must have the word 'Feet' in the title = 2 pts

3. White and Blue to be the dominant colors used = 3pts

You can use other colors but want to see mainly white and shades of blue :)

It is entirely up to you if you want to use the added criteria....but it does give you the extra bonus points

Here is a sneeky peek at my layout for this challenge!

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Exciting news!

I am late posting this because of my bloomin computer! But enough about that!

I have exciting news! I am now on my 2nd Design team!!!! Woo Hoo!

I have joined 14 other amazingly talented ladies to become part of the design team over at Erika's

a new ning community that is absolutely brilliant! There are loads of challenges to play along with! please come on over and check us out!

This is my first layout for my first 'About Me' challenge!

For my page I have used WeRmemory keepers 'nonsense' paper, DCWV tabs and alphas. A few butttons and alpha from my stash. The journaling tag is from a digi kit 'write it down' by I. Mendez and last but not least some Prima bling!

I hope you come on over and join in the fun!

Take care,


My submission for From Screen 2 Scrap

I am very late with my blog posts this month I do apologise. I have had a few weeks of stress and my computer is having lots of problems!

However my scrapbooking has given me a few hours of pleasure and I just wish I could fit more in!

here is my page for this months challenge at From screen 2 scrap

The background paper is from the Rock Star Stack by DCWV. Letter stickers were from stash and so was the charm. Journaling strips were printed on computer.

Sunday, 31 January 2010

New Challenge at From screen 2 scrap

We have another fantastic challenge over at From Screen 2 Scrap
Here is the new poster to use as your inspiration this month!
Pirates of the Caribbean At Worlds End
1. A skull or two......!!

*Movie Diva Demand*
For extra 3 bonus points (in total).......
1 x sword = 1pt, 1 x parrott = 1pt, 1 x pirate ship = 1pt
( This is optional, you dont have to do this but it does give you the extra bonus points!)

Saturday, 23 January 2010

365 - Day 19

Tuesday 19th January 2010
Muller Light yoghurts are a dieters best friend! They were on special offer today 8 for £2 in Morrisons so I stocked up the fridge! The girls and I love Muller lights and I am allowed them on my diet. I have got a sweet tooth so when the urge for chocolate hits me in the evening I get out a trusty Muller light! ( sorry not supposed to call it a diet! I am food optimising!!!!!! bah humbug I still can't eat 10 Mars Bars and a six pack of crisps on a Saturday night! so it's a diet!!!!!!!!!!!) PMSL
By the way lost 4lb this week! Woo Hoo!

365 - Day 18

Monday 18th January 2010
Gemma's bead bracelet.
I took lots of photos of Gemma making this bracelet at Guides tonight, but after she had checked them out, I am only allowed to show this photo because she didin't have her makeup on!

365 - Day 17

Sunday 17th January 2010
Here is Coco playing with her favourite toy. She has lots of toys but she really loves these squeaky balls. She plays with them for ages and eventually she chews all the green fluff off and rips them apart. The other day she brought me a piece of a ball no bigger than my thumb and still wanted to play tug of war and fetch with it! LOL

365 - Day 16

Saturday 16th January 2010
Zoe got the Twilight saga for Christmas, so Zoe has to read the books first, then Gemma is next in line because she bought them for Zoe and finally I get them passed to me. Here I am starting book 1 - Twilight.

365 - Day 15

Friday 15th January 2010
This is me trying to beat my High Score at Ski Jump on the Wii Fit. Failed :0(

365 - Day 14

Thursday 14th January 2010
Gemma and me off to meet my friends Judy and Janet for lunch.

365 - Day 13

Wednesday 13th January 2010
It was still dark when I left for work this morning and we have had a fresh lot of snow overnight! I love being the first one to make footprints in the snow so I had to use this as my photo for today. My fresh trail of footprints. yeeha!!!!!!!!

365 - Day 12

Tuesday 12th January 2010
It's my Slimming world class tonight! We all take in a piece of fruit and the slimmer of the week gets to take it home! I wasn't slimmer of the week this week but I did lose a pound. Woo Hoo! Finally going the right way again after going up every week in December and putting on loads over Christmas and New Year!!!!

365 - Day 11

Monday 11th January 2010
Gemma's friends Eleanor and Alfred came round today. Alfred brought some wii games for us to try and we had a few games of cards and I got this snap of the kids playing Scrabble while I cooked the dinner. By the way I think the New Super Mario is great! It is now top spot on my wishlist of Wii games.

365 - Day 10

Sunday 10th January 2010
I didn't realise when starting this challenge that we would get prompts every day giving us ideas for our photos. I have not followed these yet because, with the time difference, I have usually taken my photo before I get the email. We are free to use our own ideas or the prompts however we like so, as one of the subjects this week was laughter, today I chose this picture of Zoe laughing her head off! I happened to be reading the email with the laughter prompt and Zoe started doing a fake laugh, by the time I snapped this pic she was laughing for real! ;0)

365 - Day 9

Saturday 9th January 2010
With all the pain of my foot yesterday I forgot to put more money on the key for the electric meter! So late Saturday night the electric runs out!!!!! bummer!!!!!!!!! I couldn't go to the shop because I couldn't walk on the ice with my sore foot! gemma was staying at a friends and it was much too late for Zoe to go out, so Zoe and I had to sit in candle light til it was time to go to bed. Luckily Zoe was still reading her Twilight books so she was happy reading. Gemma came home early the next day so she went to the shop for me! Hooray!

365 - Day 8

Friday 8th January 2010
My foot started hurting me at work today. I decided to still walk home because I thought it might wear off with a bit of exercise. No such luck! By the time I got home my foot was killing me. I had a cup of tea and a sit down to rest my foot but when I stood up I was in agony! I couldn't put any weight on my foot (and I've got a lot of weight to put down!!!!! lol) Luckily Gemma had some crutches that a friend gave her last year so Zoe got them out of the cupboard. They were a great help. With plenty of rest over the weekend my foot was ok for work again on Monday!

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