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Saturday, 27 December 2008

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy christmas season and send you all best wishes for a healthy, happy New Year!

Younger daughter Zoe in new dressing gown next to christmas tree!

It has been a strange Christmas this year. I just haven't felt Christmassy. A feeling that seems to be going around quite a few of my friends. Does this happen as the children get older and the 'magic' of Christmas wears off a bit? or is it because December started in a very sad way with the passing of my nan and it has been a bit wierd ever since. A bit of both I think!
With Christmas day coming at me like a steam train with no brakes, I eventually managed to get with it and move my craft stuff upstairs to make room for the tree and actually eat at the dining table! I have been so behind I didn't finish my shopping until 5.30pm Christmas eve. I never normally go out on Christmas eve but I had to this year and got a few bargains I might add! Last stop was Argos, just got there as they were closing the grills! managed to duck under and dive into the shop in order to get my youngest daughters reservation (present for her sister!) once inside realised the wheel had come off my shopping trolley and it had rolled into the road outside! I had to shout out to a young girl outside to ask her to pass me the wheel through the grill, very embarassing but there was no way I could get all the shopping home without it and coudn't get out myself! She was very kind and did retrieve my wheel for me! Once inside I quickly payed for my order and joined the queue to wait for my item to be brought out when loads of police turned up. It was then that I realised that they weren't shutting the shutters because they were closing but because there had been a huge fight! Chairs and rolls of gift wrap all over the floor and lots of disgruntled shoppers trying to get their last minute shopping and get out asap! Turns out one of the fighters was in the back of the shop injured having ended up over the counter (either pushed or jumped heard both versions of that story!) but the other guy had run out of the shop shouting that he was going home to get his gun!!!!!!!!!! So here I was stuck inside Argos possibly risking my life for a box of nose studs! OMG! Luckily I got my order and was out of there pretty sharpish. No sign of gunman but loads of police and flashing lights! I managed to get home without further incident wondering to myself what has happened to the Christmas spirit!
I normally have my christmas decorations up on the 1st weekend in December, this year I got my tree up at about midnight on Christmas eve! Then on to wrapping the presents! I had just finished wrapping the presents when my younger daughter woke up! She came downstairs full of beans closely followed by her older sister "is it time to open presents?" And Christmas day started before I managed to get a few ZZZZZZ's!
The girls were pleased with all their presents and rushed upstairs with their new smellies and clothes to go and get ready.
In went the Honey roast ham (normally cooked Christmas eve) closely followed by the turkey and the day carried on as a normal Christmas day. Phone calls and texts to family and friends sending Christmas wishes back and forth. My friend Janet came round and we had a really nice prawn cocktail which was more of a lunch than a starter which is just as well as my new oven doesn't seem as hot as my old one and the turkey took two hours longer than usual! dinner finally cooked and was beautiful, even though I say it myself! we had lovely after dinner coffees with my new coffee maker!(gift from youngest daughter) Watched a couple of DVD's after dinner with drinks and chocolates galore! So all in all a very nice day was had by all and I finally fell asleep about 3am.
Have had a lovely relaxing day today watching old films on telly and scoffing all the usual boxing day treats!
Now I have the time to do a bit of crafting and where is my stuff? boxed away in my bedroom til after New Year! Nevermind I might just get a little bit out!
As I forgot to take any pics of the cards I sent out this year, Here are a few cards I recieved.

This was made by my mum

This is an Aussie card from my new friend Shazza from the Soulology course

This was made by my new friend Sharon from the Soulology course

This was made by my new friend Theresa from the Soulology course

And this one was made by my new friend Shawn from the Soulology course
This card is from my soulology friend Lois
Hope you all have had a great Christmas too and wish you the best for New Year!

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