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Thursday, 31 July 2008

Kids on the computer!

I wonder if any other mums out there are having as much trouble as I am getting on my computer! Since the kids broke up from school every time I turn round to log on, there is my youngest daughter tapping away merrily on the keyboard! (oldest daughter has her own!) Last summer all she wanted to do was go out with her mates, now all she wants to do is talk to them on Msn! Nevermind it could be worse! She could be out getting mixed up in gangs and taking drugs so I will count my blessings and snatch a few moments here and there! This should in theory leave me more time to craft but I am spending more time clearing up after them! I would usually moan about this but after just reading funky fairy's post on her blog, she is a very brave lady who lost her son to cancer, I am just grateful to have them here to clean up after!
My thoughts and prayers are with her and her family today her son's birthday.

Best wishes to anyone reading this and remember to tell the people you love that you love them you might regret it if you don't!

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Card for Laura's Sketch- Caardvarks

Here is a card I made for Caardvarks, Laura's Sketch Challenge.

Green and red paper from paper adventures, matted onto card from stash. Tea bag folding printed from a Chris Warner disc. Finished with gold Peel offs.

Monday, 14 July 2008

Lucky me!

Well what a week I've had this week!
First of all I enter my first blog challenge and make it into the top 15! Brill!

On Thursday my mum came to London for a QVC craft afternoon and brought me a suitcase full of goodies. She had a great time with her friend at QVC and I had a great time looking through my new stash! Thanks mum!!! Looking good in your new glasses!!

Had a good afternoon on saturday at a craft afternoon for Guiders. I was showing them how to do basic teabag folding and a couple of cards with punches, while my friend Janet taught stencilling onto bags. My daughter made a beautiful bag to use for P.E at school. We all had a great day!

Then my best friend took me out for an Indian! We had a lovely evening catching up on the goss with great food and a couple of drinks! Thanks Sam!

Last week at school for the Kids this week and Last week for brownies and Guides!
More evenings for me which will hopefully lead to more crafting and more challenges!

All the best for the week ahead!

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Returned Comments!

Hi folks,

Sorry if anyone has had comments returned.
Typed my email address wrong somewhere along the line.
Fixed it now!
sorry for any inconvenience!

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Thank you

Thank You to everyone for being so welcoming!
I was literally up all night last night trying to get stuff sorted out and find out how things worked!! Amazed myself by getting my Slide (copied from craftling) and Music player (copied from cornishmaidsu) going! (took me ages to pick the 100 songs) Needless to say my 18 year old daughter has been laughing her head off! She thinks it's hilarious that her mum is joining these sites despite the fact that she spends half her life on MSN!
I joined Trimcraft sort of by accident! I actually don't know why I got their first newsletter!! Must have signed up at sometime but can't remember! (brains going already!) lol
I have only been properly active on trimcraft for a few weeks and that has led me to blogging! Something I wouldn't have dreamed of doing before!!
Special thanks to Heather for all her help and support and all the other trimcraft members who offered advice.( cor blimey! sounds like an oscar speech sorry!) but I really do want to thank everyone for being so welcoming, in times like this when the news is full of doom and gloom and violence, you have all restored my faith that there are still nice people out there!

Yes Brad I am available to write your next acceptance speech!! lol

Thursdays "Clearly clever" Challenge

These are my entries for This Thursdays "clearly clever" Challenge

The image was stamped on to acetate and glittered on the back using art institute glitter and dries clear glue. The card background and greeting was made by stamping with a clear versamark ink pad and chalking. The greeting and acetate were mounted onto co-ordinating cardstock using brads for the acetate. This is my first entry into a challenge so I hope they are ok! Good luck everyone there are some great entries!
All the best

My Tent

This is my cow tent.Isn't she lovely!

Thanks very much to Craftling from Trimcraft
for your very clear advice!!

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Back from camp!

Hi! managed to find my way back after a while! My computer and internet went down for a while but are obviously back on now!!!
Been away at Guide camp for the weekend. Had a new tent with cool cow pattern. Lesson in life
"Don't choose a tent for it's pattern, choose it for it's water resistance!"
Although my tent looked good it didn't really keep out the wet and it didn't even rain! I woke up each morning being dripped on.
Anyway the kids had a great time. Wall climbing, crate stacking, trampolining, games, midnight walks and a campfire! I was shattered by the end of it tramping round the fields taking the kids to their activities.
Now I'm back I can settle down to my crafting! After watching QVC today I can't wait to get stuck in with my cropodile and make some scrapbooks and cards.
Bye for now!

scrapbook pages

My rainbow

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