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Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Thank you

Thank You to everyone for being so welcoming!
I was literally up all night last night trying to get stuff sorted out and find out how things worked!! Amazed myself by getting my Slide (copied from craftling) and Music player (copied from cornishmaidsu) going! (took me ages to pick the 100 songs) Needless to say my 18 year old daughter has been laughing her head off! She thinks it's hilarious that her mum is joining these sites despite the fact that she spends half her life on MSN!
I joined Trimcraft sort of by accident! I actually don't know why I got their first newsletter!! Must have signed up at sometime but can't remember! (brains going already!) lol
I have only been properly active on trimcraft for a few weeks and that has led me to blogging! Something I wouldn't have dreamed of doing before!!
Special thanks to Heather for all her help and support and all the other trimcraft members who offered advice.( cor blimey! sounds like an oscar speech sorry!) but I really do want to thank everyone for being so welcoming, in times like this when the news is full of doom and gloom and violence, you have all restored my faith that there are still nice people out there!

Yes Brad I am available to write your next acceptance speech!! lol

1 comment:

Heather (Craftling) said...

Aww!! That was nice. Well, speaking as one of the contributors to your blog... You're very welcome!! :o)

Heather xx

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