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Monday, 9 November 2009

November From Screen 2 scrap submission

Here is my submission for November's challenge over at From Screen 2 Scrap

I really struggled with this one! I originally wanted to use the poster as a sketch but couldn't quite get that right. So instead I went a completely different way.There are 2 firsts for me on this page. First time I have ever done negative space, hope I have left enough. First time I have cut out of a photo! This month was definitely a challenge for me but isn't that the whole point to challenge ourselves now and again! I am quite pleased with the end result finally! I have cut coco out of a picture and she is looking into the distance, a single character as there is in the poster.

Added criteria:

1. negative space, - check

2. must have a cutout from a photo/photos, - check

3. must use blue, pink and yellow somewhere on your layout - check - pp frame

4. painted title

*Movie Diva Demand* For an extra bonus two points ....... paint your title red!! ( This is optional, you dont have to do this but it does give you the extra bonus points!) - check

Patterned paper - DCWV, Journaling stamp - Banana Frog, Flowers and bling from stash

Monday, 2 November 2009

Sneaky peeks

Here are a few sneaky peeks at my submission for novembers challenge over at

From Screen 2 Scrap

Sunday, 1 November 2009

A New Design Team Member at from Screen 2 Scrap!

Come meet our new Design Team Member

I am sad to say that one of our design team members Corrine has had to leave us! I wish her all the best for the future and hope she still comes to visit us at from Screen 2 Scrap
which means we now have a new member of the design team and I'm excited to welcome

Michelle Beeby

This is what Michelle had to say about herself.

I'm Chelle and I live in a small country town in South Australia. I'm a SAHM of 4, wife to 1 and totally addicted to Scrampin' (Stampin' + Scrappin')...I have been scrappin' for ohhh, over 7 years now, and stampin' for a little over 4... I've also just discovered that digital isn't "cheating" and am having fun riding the learning curve. I also LOVE to alter things, there is a running joke in this house that if you stand still long enough, mum will alter you!
Last year I signed up to be a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator as I just love their line of stamps and paper and inks and everything really! I love product, all of it, and usually hoard as much as I can sneak in past hubby... lol He is so supportive of my hobby, and encourages me daily and is always good for feedback or pulling me back if I've ventured a bit off track.
I have Spina Bifida and am in a wheelchair, I think that is why I was drawn to crafts as I am on equal footing (or in my case, wheeling, lol) with everyone, in this area of my life at least.
Whenever someone tells me I cannot do something, I enjoy the challenge of proving them WRONG!
If I could wish for just one thing, it would be more time in my day, I have so many ideas running around my head that I can't squeeze them all out and sometimes get clogged and need a good clearing out - altered notebooks are handy for this.
My children Larissa (18), Robert (16), Stuart (14) and Peter (almost 6) are my inspiration and why I want to get my story and my family's story down for them... we don't have an extended family as such (my grandmother is still alive and I love her to bits, she will pop up in a LO or two I'm sure) so I need to find out the who, what, when and why and make sure it's down for my children's children's children.
I started with scrapbooking because I was trolling e-bay for something (I can't even remember now what it was) and came across a paper punch in the shape of a heart, I had to have it, I wanted to play with it, I'd never seen anything like this in my life! SO I bought it and when it came I decided to do a "google" search on ways to use it... and whola, my love of Scrapbooking was caused by that simple purchase. Before that I enjoyed cross-stitch (anyone want my UFP?).
So that is my story..

Chelles Favourite movie is The Rocky Horror Picture Show!!

If you want to see some of Chelle's beautiful creations, go visit her blog at

I hope Chelle has a great time with us!

November Challenge at From Screen 2 scrap!

Hi Guys!

The new challenge is up over at From Screen 2 Scrap

Here is the poster inspiration for this month!

Criteria =

1. negative space

2. must have a cutout from a photo/photos

3. must use blue, pink and yellow somewhere on your layout

4. painted title

*Movie Diva Demand*

For an extra bonus two points ....... paint your title red!! ( This is optional, you dont have to do this but it does give you the extra bonus points!)

Come on over and join in the fun!!!!!!!

scrapbook pages

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