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Monday, 1 September 2008

Back from Holidays

Hi folks,
Been back from visiting my mum and family for about a week now. Taken me a week to get back to normal.
Had a fantastic time at my mum's we visited crab Apple Crafts, Rosemary merry's shop (from QVC) A lovely bright and airy craft shop with loads of gorgeous stuff! A scrapbookers paradise! They also had a sale on which was even better! Rosemary herself was very nice and gave me some tips to help me with my new clear acrylic album! So wish me luck I will hopefully be starting that soon when my daughter goes back to school.
We did quite a lot of craft shopping and a couple of days crafting in between visits to other members of the family.
We also went up to visit my sister and her family in the lakes. We all had a lovely time even though the weather could have been better. We had a couple of trips to the cinema. Mamma Mia is fantastic and I think all girls should go on a girls night out! Ok maybe I no longer classify as a girl but it was a great film!(not meaning I have had the op! just that I am slightly older than girl age!) Mummy 3 was also good and the kids loved Dark Knight.
Came home and a couple of days later went to a funeral for my friends son. A very, very sad day but he had a wonderful send off, His brother and friends did him proud with their eulogies. I pray that he is now at peace and his family find the strength they need to carry on.
Now I am in the start of term rush of bag buying, pencil case filling and last minute uniform buying. Everyday my daughter remembers something else that she desperately needs so she can return to school fully prepared with a pen for every occasion and I hope a brain as well prepared as the accessories! Needless to say her friends will all have gone for a different colour and hers will be soooooo last week that she will want to restock everything within 24 hrs! Not going to happen!!!
Anyway enough of my ramblings for tonight! Glad to be back and can't wait to get going on some of the great challenges that are tweaking at the craft particles in my brain!
Take care

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