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Sunday, 5 October 2008

Roast chicken for One!

Had a very busy weekend! Went to my best friend Sam's house for a pre-Birthday dinner on Friday night. Had a lovely meal and a few glasses of wine! left about 11.30pm because I had to get up early on Saturday to be taken on a magical mystery tour by my friends Janet and Judy! was being picked up at 9.30 so didn't stay out too late on Friday. We went on a longish car journey through some beautiful countryside to our first destination which was the craft shop Creative Pastimes. The girls had got directions from their website the night before and we were dismayed to find the shop closed as they were moving to Tunbridge Wells! Might have been nice for them to put that on their website to save people long trips to a now non existent shop!!!!!!!!
The girls were not to be put off for too long and suggested going to a craft shop they used to go to before they found creative Pastimes. This other shop they said was very good when first opened but had gone downhill a bit since then. Being the only other craft shop in the vicinity we agreed to go to there. When we got there the girls were most surprised as it has been taken over and has been turned into a crafters' paradise!!! The Craft barn in Lingfield Surrey is now a lovely airy shop with loads of stock! lots of stamps, Ink pads, powders etc. Cuttle bug supplies, Bind it all stuff, Gorgeous papers and loads of scrapbooking supplies too much to mention! The staff were very friendly and it is now as they said 'a craft shop run by crafters for crafters' We were spoiled for choice and had to make some tough decisions of which things to buy now and which to leave til our next visit and I'm sure there will be many!! We are planning to check out some of their workshops and classes! They also have a website that you can order from which will be up and running from Monday. they also have two blogs for inspiration that I have yet to check out!
We had coffee and cakes in the coffee shop next door and later had a gorgeous lunch in a local pub. All in all it was a lovely birthday treat. thanks girls!
Score for the day 10/10
Creative pastimes - 2 customers
The Craft barn + 3 customers and a recommendation to all our friends!

So now to today. A day of relaxation, catching up with my trimcraft friends who I have been neglecting lately. A spot of blogging and a lovely roast chicken dinner! After dropping my mum off at the station on Thursday I really fancied Roast Chicken so I nipped to the shop and bought one for today! Roast Chicken, Roast Potatoes, Roast Parsnips, Spring greens, Carrot and swede, sweetcorn, gravy, stuffing and even a few yorkshire puddings for the girls! That was my plan for today a lovely family dinner and a relaxing day on the web with a bit of crafting later on! The girls have now gone out and so I am still having a roast dinner with all the trimmings but I will be all by myself!( breaks into song! don't wanna be all by myself any mooooore!LOL)only joking! love the peace and quiet and I will have a lovely dinner fresh from the oven and they can have the soggy microwaved version later. Who wins in that deal? ME!

Hope you all have a lovely day too!

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