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Saturday, 7 February 2009


I was in the mood for baking yesterday and I had some recipes for American cookies that I got off a website around Christmas time following links on my friend Erika's blog.You can check out her blog here
The recipes can be found here
First I went out and bought the ingredients needed.

Then I started baking. First up were snickerdoodles. Lovely soft cookies coated in cinnamon sugar.

Then I made the best soft chocolate chip cookies ever! Absolutely gorgeous!

Next I tried the peanut butter cookies. These were supposed to have Hersheys Kisses stuck in the middle but we don't get them in England and I didn't know what to replace them with so I left them plain. They are still lovely

Then Zoe had a go at the soft sugar cookies. Very nice!

But she got tired so I ended up waiting for them to cook and to take them out of the oven.

And last but not least were the oat and raisin cookies. These are lovely with a hint of cinnamon in them. I also did a half batch with no cinnamon for my friend.

So this is what we ended up with. Loads of gorgeous cookies. Enough to keep us going for ages and I still have more recipes to try!


Summer Dream Girl said...

Yummi :)
It looks just yummi :)

Hugs from Norway :)

Shazza said...

Hi Ali,
Your cookies look sooo yummy:) You did such a good job, and so many to choose from.
I amgoing to have a go at baking some soon!
Cheers for now

Steph said...

I am just drooling here - they look the yummiest!! Wish I could bake as well as you, I'm useless in the kitchen :( xxx

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