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Saturday, 11 July 2009

Just saved the dinner!

I had promised the girls I would cook stewed chicken this week so on Wednesday bought the chicken, cleaned and seasoned it ready to cook on Thursday evening. Thursday came and I went straight from work to visit my friend Janet in hospital, stayed longer than expected and got home too late to cook the chicken as I had to get up early for work the next day. So Friday comes. I had promised janet that I would get her a bit of shopping and take it up to the hospital after work, as the food is apparently awful! Staff meeting after work had to move to the pub next door as the Dance group that uses the building after us were due to arrive any minute! Not bad I think to myself! A quick drink to brighten up the meeting and start off the weekend! Anyway four drinks and a couple of hours later I suddenly remembered janet's shopping!! So off I went! Half way round the shops I looked at my list and the bottom half had fallen off!!!! So I had to try and remember what was on it, with my slightly addled brain! Hopefully I got it all! Got to the hospital 20 minutes before visiting finished! Got stuck on 4th floor as the lift had a funny turn! Luckily it only lasted a couple of minutes and it started again! Thank God! Got to the ward hot and bothered with minutes to spare! Janet was pleased with her shopping and I had done my good deed for the day! Got home about 10 and remembered the bloomin' chicken in the fridge! So I started the stew. Browned the chicken, chopped the veg added the stock and left it to simmer. Started to watch the TV. Caught the last bit of Big Brother eviction! OMG I didn't expect Chris to go! I thought it would be cave man Marcus! What is the world coming to?
Anyway back to the dinner! Woke up on the couch at 3.15 am with a start! Heard sizzling from the Kitchen and remembered the stew! The last of the liquid was just about to evaporate! turned off the heat, boiled the kettle and added a some more water! Just managed to catch it in time! Hope it is still ok for tonights dinner!
Moral of this story? Don't cook when you're knackered!

1 comment:

Shazza said...

Thats so funny Ali.... "Don't cook when your knackered" would make a great title for a layout.... lol
I hope your friend Janet is doing well, you are so caring to keep an eye on her.
Say hello to the girls :)


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