My weight loss!

Monday, 31 August 2009

Watch out for the new me!

I forgot to tell you in my post earlier on that I have recently joined Slimming World! When my mum came to stay she found my local class so that she could still go while she was visiting me. I was preparing all this low fat food for mum and thought I might as well join in! The first week I lost 9lb according to the Wii Fit! The next week I took mum to class and decided I'd join too! That week according to the Wii I lost 6lb. This is when I officially started at Slimming World. So before I even started I had lost 15lb!!!!!!!!!! I will only report official weight losses from now on so you can follow my official slimming world journey!!

I haven't eaten chocolate for 3 weeks!!!!!!! OMG! I do miss it ! Sometimes I eat loads of fruit to try and cut the craving but nothing quite hits the spot like a mars bar! It hasn't been as bad as I thought though and I never thought I could go 3 weeks! I did sniff a twix wrapper yesterday! (saddo! I know)

I weigh in every Tuesday so I will try my best to keep you posted! Last week I lost 6 1/2 lbs!

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Shazza said...

Good on you Ali,

Keep it up girl, you are going great guns!!
I will give you three tips as to how I lost all my weight......
1. Don't eat after 8pm at night
2. Drink water and lots of it, I squeezes lemon juice into bottled water
3. Walk,walk and walk, start off babystep around the block and then increase slowly, I got up to 7ks a day.(took about 3 months)
Now you can tell me to shut it!!

Just trying to help :)


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