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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

365 - Day 4

Monday 4th January 2010
OMG! The girls will kill me for putting this one in! lmao! I love it. This is the girls pulling a silly pose in the middle of a game of LOTR Risk. I got this game a couple of years ago and I read the instructions and thought it was way too complicated so it has never been out of the box! This year we decided to give it a go! The first game was a bit strange filled with
checking the rule book breaks and it turns out we still played it wrong! By the time we played this game we knew what we were doing at last!


Shazza said...

I love board games, but sadly they never see the light of day any more.... damm technology!!


Shell Turner said...

Hi Ali, I just saw that you're a follower on my blog and thought I'd pop in here for a look around. I LOVE this game...I haven't played it in years and I don't even know if we can still buy it here. Now you've got me wanted to go to Target and have a look for it :o)

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